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As I tried to push out of my comfort zone and pass the limitations of my upbringing, I encountered adversities and challenges. Therefore, my life journey will show how I was able to overcome these adversities and challenges in my effort to create wealth. However, what makes my story and my experience different is the fact that this book captures the root cause for most of the challenges faced, which was undergirded by a focus on the outward appearances at different stages of my life.


Creating wealth when you are from a poverty-stricken background is very difficult, but I put it to you that the ‘battle with appearances’ is far more detrimental to such a dream. This is not a topic people want to talk about because of the fear of being judged, I get that. However, as a Jamaican, I see how it continues to affect our growth, especially in this era of social media, and I am fiercely determined to make my contribution in changing such a narrative. I hope you will sojourn with me.


I am passionate about young people who are born into poor families and who strive to be the first one to get out of poverty reading this book and their having clarity early so that they minimize some of the surprises in life that are not spoken about. Yet, anyone who has big dreams and who needs some level of reassurance that you are not alone in difficulty should also read it. Even those persons who, upon honest reflection, want to better manage toxic positivity should read it, as it is never too late to correct your course.


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