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Keon V.Y. Green

I am pleased to introduce myself as an Attorney-at-Law, a gazetted Mediator, registered Pharmacist, Author, and an upcoming Speaker.  My passion is justice, and I advocate progress for individuals who are committed to see a better society.

My mission is to provide brilliant work at a competitive price and to ultimately help you to “Keep Valuing Your Goals!”


I take great pride in providing clients with customized strategies and comprehensive solutions to your issues in areas including Mediation, Family Law, Employment Law and Real Estate Law

As a natural speaker, I look forward to motivating and empowering men, women and children worldwide on creating a legacy for the future generation and managing multiple career paths.
I hope you will contact me and perhaps this can be the start of a great working relationship.


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As I tried to push out of my comfort zone and pass the limitations of my upbringing, I encountered adversities and challenges. Therefore, my life journey will show how I was able to overcome these adversities and challenges in my effort to create wealth.

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